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Access Control 

Monitor Closely provides surveillance technology and services to a wide range of commercial properties and businesses. Businesses who need surveillance and access control systems or who provide internet viewing access as a service, can best benefit from Monitor Closely.

What is an Access Control System?
Access control systems do exactly what their name implies: they control access to a resource. Most often, the resource is the business’ building or specific rooms within the building. By installing an access control system, you will be able to monitor and restrict who has access to what buildings or rooms.  
Do I Need an Access Control System?
Integrate your access control system with our HD Surveillance products to maximize protection for your business and employees. Businesses of every size need to protect their data and property by keeping potential threats on the outside. All businesses acknowledge this basic security concern by placing locks on the door and giving keys to employees that need to access these locks. However, Keying and re-keying your business each time an employee leaves or a key is lost or stolen can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately, Monitor Closely Offers a Solution. Save time and money while increasing your business' security by installing a Monitor Closely access control system.
Benefits of Access Control
Monitor Closely offers custom access control solutions for businesses of all sizes. Protect your business with wireless ID badges for your employees or keypads with individual security codes.
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