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IP Over Wireless 


IP solution over wireless could be useful for a remote location where the installation of cables would be extremely costly, or within a facility such as retail outlet where there is a need to move the cameras to new locations on a regular basis without having to pull new cables every time. 

Why Wireless?

   - Wireless transmitter and receiver antennas allow IP HD CCTV to transmit up to 4miles
   - No cable required = Save lots of money  
Solar Powered?
   - The sun is contant : it will always be there and it therefore a reliable, ulterly renewable
   - Without the need for wires, cords or power sources
   - Solar technology is improving and reducing in cost all the time. 
Why HD?
   - It offers far superior image quality than analog system
   - It covers a much wider area - It offers much more powerful backup, search and playback functions
   - Superior expansion and wireless opportunities
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